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Stax Home Loans are Mortgage Brokers that take the chaos out of applying for a home loan.
Compare over 30 lenders in a single visit, for FREE.

New Home Loan Refinance

I need to find out how much I can borrow, how much deposit I need, and I want the best deal in the market……. I thought of going to my bank,  but they can only provide me with one or two products?

You’re not alone! Lots of people come to us to provide them with options. Would your bank tell you if a competitor had a better deal ? Stax Home Loans will.

Thats great but how are you able to compare so many different lenders and products and how does it all work ?

We are accredited to arrange loans with over 30 different lenders, we have access to special software that compares all the different  products. We can compare all types of loans and best of all, you get to choose the best lender for you.

That sounds great. I’ll get started now and book an appointment !

We Get Loans Approved. 

Why restrict yourself to working exclusively with your bank ? Often times the banks lending policy does not fit a persons situation. Why not easily take a look at ALL of the options in one simple appointment? Stax Home Loans works on your behalf to search the market to  find the best home loan products at the best possible prices. We compare over 700 different loan products from 30 different lenders, best of all it’s FREE. We do not charge a fee for our services as we are paid by the lenders for what we do. Get started, book an appointment today.

All the Loans You Need in One Place